One Meal a Day


The extreme-north of Cameroon, home to over 3.8 million people and the most populous area of the country, was once an intrepid tourist destination boasting Waza national park, the faded safari advertisements and the FCO red travel alert tell a story of dramatic decline. Many people here are surviving on just one meal a day.

The ongoing conflict in north-east Nigeria has spilled across its neighbouring borders and exacerbated existing issues of underdevelopment in the Lake Chad region (Cameroon, Nigeria, Niger, Chad). People displaced by conflict are putting pressure on already limited resources. In the extreme-north of Cameroon conflict and a changing climate has manifested into an urgent food crisis.

In the Lake Chad region over 10 million people are currently in need of assistance, with 2.3 million people displaced and 7.1 million people food insecure and an estimated 515,000 children suffering with severe acute malnutrition.