All kids dream. Whether their home is in Haiti, Liberia, Jordan, India, Mexico, Turkey or Uganda. Every child dreams of acquiring their own place in this world where they can be themselves, without being restricted by their living conditions. The past years, Chris has been following kids around the world to let them tell their stories and dreams.


Kalyani, India, new delhi

Kalyani was one of the very first children I photographed for the 'I Have a Dream' series. When I first met her in 2011, she was 13 years old. She had painted a plane onto a wall near her house. She lives with her parents and two brothers in one of the slums in Delhi. She likes going to school and has big dreams. She believes that she will be married but she won't stay in the slum like her mother, caring for the children. "In the evening, when I see a plane flying overhead, I dream of being on board. I want to see the world, but I especially want to get out of the slum. As a flight attendant I will travel and literally fly away from my current life." 

Early 2015, I met up with Kalyani again. She's 17 years old now and her dreams have changed. She now wants to become a lawyer or police officer to fight injustice. 


Aniket, India, new delhi


Aniket was 10 years old when I first met him in 2011. He lives with his parents and sister in a slum in New Delhi. He wants to become an architect. Behind the house where he lives a large multi-story building is being built. Aniket would like to live there one day.

The building behind him is now finished and Aniket still wants to become an architect.